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Rock2Climb is a division of Safe Moves. a non-profit
organization, recognized as the leading authority in
traffic safety education in the country.  Safe Moves
has been credited with saving thousands of children's
lives through their innovative safety programs.

Safe Moves has been featured on The Today Show,
Good Morning America
, 20/20, Dateline and Oprah
as well as in the Los Angeles Times, The New York
Times, Newsweek
, Time Magazine and Sports

With a grant provided by the California Office of
Traffic Safety, Safe Moves is conducting Wear
It For Life
programs to promote seat belt usage
among teens.  Safe Moves and the Wear It For
program offers students an opportunity to
learn about the importance of seat belts in
a most unique way.

With the supervision of professional staff, students
have the opportunity to climb a 24-foot rock wall
with a safety harness. The rock wall is designed
to demonstrate the importance of seat belt use. 
Our instructors explain to the students that a fall
from the top of the rock climbing wall would have
the same impact on their bodies as a 30-mile per
hour car crash without the restraint of a seatbelt. 
The children and teens are quick to get the
message that seat belts save lives.

Safe Moves has
also used the
Rock2Climb rock
climbing wall with
deaf, blind and
other challenged
students, with
fantastic results,
establishing their
'contact with reality' and fortifying
their independence and self reliance.


Proceeds from all Rock2Climb wall rentals help support Safe Moves'
ongoing efforts to educate children about traffic safety.


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