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How does Rock2Climb work?
Once the Rock2Climb wall is set up at your venue, it takes less than a minute
for a climber to put on a simple, safe climbing harness and helmet. One of our
Certified Mobile Rock Wall Operators will coach the climber about the best way
to reach to top and how to descend.

Rock2Climb looks and feels like the real thing and provides each climber with
a wide variety of challenging climbing routes. The ascent begins at the
base of the 24-foot climbing wall. Upon reaching the top, the climber can
ring the victory buzzer, push off the wall and start an easy descent.
Rock2Climb’s redundant AutoBelay™ system lowers the climber safely and
slowly, through empty air to the cheers of those waiting on the ground.

A simple, safe harness supports climbers throughout the journey to the top.
Independent AutoBelay systems adjust to each rock-climber's weight and
provide a slow, smooth decent. Each auto-belay has two pressurized hydraulic
rams specifically designed for human lift. There is always a backup ram for
safety, ensuring twice the coverage at all times. A 180 degree cushioned
floor mat surrounds the wall for a soft landing.

How much time does it take to set up and break down?
Rock2Climb comes to you on a Space Saver™ Trailer that sets up almost
anywhere. You only need a 20 x 20 foot space and it can be set up on a
hard surface or grass. Rock2Climb can also be set up indoors if the ceiling
height is at least 30 feet. The trailer and Rock2Climb wall require a
12 X 16 foot opening to access the site. If you have a space in mind
and are not certain it will accommodate Rock2Climb, give us a call.

Once in position, Rock2Climb is up and ready to go in just 30
minutes. With the push of a button, the wall can be raised and
lowered with ease.

Does it come with staff?
When Rock2Climb comes to your party or event, a highly
energetic and trained staff of Certified Mobile Rock Wall
Operators comes with it. They will keep your guests
motivated and entertained, as well as safe. Every climber is
fitted with a safety harness, rock-climbing helmet and given
instructions on the safest and most enjoyable way to take
the wall and safely descend. Our enthusiastic staff will work
with you to insure that everyone has a good time. Add in a little
competition to the party and have one of our operators record
each climber’s time. Give a prize to the winner.

Is there a minimum booking time?
Rock2Climb can be booked for a minimum of two hours.

Is there a maximum booking time?
You can book the rock climbing wall all day, for multiple days. The
schedule is yours to make.


How much does it cost?
Please call for rates and specials.

Are you insured?
Rock2Climb is fully insured with workers' compensation and liability coverage.

How many climbers can climb the wall at once?
Four to five climbers can scale a Rock2Climb wall at the same time.

Is there an age or weight restriction?
Rock2Climb is fun for children and adults. Children as young as four can
climb if they weigh at least 30 pounds. An upper limit of 220 pounds for
an adult climber is recommended.

How many walls can I rent at one time?
With proper notification and available space, four walls can be rented for
any event.

What types of promotional opportunities are available when I rent the
rock climbing wall?

The Rock2Climb Marketing Department will work with you to create
promotional opportunities that will maximize your Rock2Climb experience and
help you meet your sales goals. Rock2Climb‘s highly visible height of 24
feet provides excellent exposure. Vertical banners, proudly featuring your
logo or message, can be mounted on the Rock2Climb wall for all to see.
Attached to one or both sides, the banners can be a maximum size of
2 X 15 feet, giving your products or services high visual impact. As a
further fund-raising tool you can also sell banner space to other advertisers.
The Rock2Climb marketing department will work with you to create banners
that will that give you the greatest exposure at your next event.

What kinds of events are best suited for Rock2Climb?
Any you can imagine. Birthday parties, graduation parties,
store openings, fundraisers, family reunions, community festivals,
corporate team-building programs, block parties – any gathering
will be an adventure with Rock2Climb.

Who owns Rock2Climb?
Rock2Climb is a division of Safe Moves, a non-profit
organization, recognized as the leading authority in traffic
safety education in the country. Safe Moves has been
credited with saving thousands of children’s lives through
their innovative safety program. Proceeds from all Rock2Climb
wall rentals help support Safe Moves’ ongoing efforts to educate
children about traffic safety.


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